【Koda Kumi】ピンクスパイダー (Pink Spider)


Artist: Koda Kumi

Title: ピンクスパイダー (Pink Spider)

Album: Color The Cover

English Lyrics:

You’re surrounded by your web of lies
Thinking your small world is everything
You hurt anything that comes near
Thinking the sky is a square

This is all… I can’t manage any more, right?
It’s what you said… That’s also a lie…

Your garish patterns seem so lonely
Unusually, a bird of paradise spoke to you

Take a butterfly’s wings and get over here
You can do what you want over here

Pink Spider, I want to go
Pink Spider, I wish for wings

Ignoring the captured butterfly’s pleading
You glared up at the sky
I didn’t hurt you out of hate
But I have no wings
and that sky is so high

It’s okay if you use my wings, Spider
You don’t know the pain of flying continuously
but one day you’ll realize it
You can only fly within the limits of someone’s hand
So, that’s what you’ve been calling freedom

Unable to fly with these borrowed wings
You go crashing down headfirst

Pink Spider, It’s no use
Pink Spider, Although I can see the sky…
Pink Spider, It’s a failure
Pink Spider, I wish for wings…

Only glimpsing the sky
The birds are flying south
I’ll fly one more time, tear up these threads
and go on my own jets
As soon as these clouds have passed by…

Pink Spider, the sky calls out
Pink Spider, Pink Spider
The pink clouds stream through the sky


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