【KOKIA】Noel’s Theme ~The Last Travel~ 【FFXIII-2】

Artist: KOKIA

Title: Noel’s Theme ~The Last Travel~

Album: Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST


English Lyrics:


Long ago, when I was just a boy
So alone that last of my kind in the world
I believe futures could be reborn
I would go back in time
Change what’s to come

Hunting, searching for futures I’ve dreamed
Ever chasing, believing visions unseen
Hearing that hope is futile
Only inspires me not to give up

Valhalla is calling me to the end
I can hear now the beating hearts of lost friends
Urging me to not forget them
As the last hunter
I’ll find the key


7 responses to “【KOKIA】Noel’s Theme ~The Last Travel~ 【FFXIII-2】

  1. This Song is simply amazing, its been in my head for days, And if you havent you need to look up and download Chaotic Guardian, its a diffrent version of Caius’s Theme, Its simply awe-inspiring.

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