【Joelle】Destroyed Hometown 【FFXIII-2】

Artist: Joelle

Title: Destroyed Hometown

Album: Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST


English Lyrics:

Just as the light, begins to fade to dark
The moaning wind sings songs to my forebodings
Am I alone with no one watching o’er
If I do fall will no one come to save me

Oh cursed fate eternally
Delivering your doom
But know true hope is born
My faith is stronger than your agonies
Hope survives your pain

No Prophecies foretell us of the end
It doesn’t mean that we have to believe them
Hope’s burdens weigh me down oh this is true
But they bring life that truly does sustain me

I’ll conquer time, defeat it
I’ll change the past, my future
If any Gods are listening
Answer my prayers


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