【Umineko no Naku koro ni Chiru】Kina no Kaori ~ Ai no Shiren!

Artist: Kino Yasushi
Title:  Kina no Kaori ~ Ai no Shiren
Album: Goldist-金色の血に染まる前に-

English Translation:

If you love one another,
It is time to test the world!
If you just watch and do nothing,
You'll definitely come to curse yourself!

You must overcome it! You three in love!
Now is the time for the challenge!
Only one group can be granted
The dream of love and miracles

Saying, "Because God watched over us,
You and I were alright"
If you get conceited and become careless,
You will definitely lose!

Who is the one who will seize it?
You, who is is qualified to love!

You will love each other,
Even if the world becomes your enemy
You two who seek each other's heart,
Cut down the others with a single stroke!

Kill and destroy
Even those precious memories
Yes... Over and over!

Light the flame in my heart
You will definitely be smiling at the end, ah...!

Anyone can achieve it
It is like selling your soul to the devil
You must stand up! Before you go mad...
Your self which has gotten the heart

You will definitely become the victor
If true love exists!

Wake up from the dream and hand down
The most wonderful thing in this age

If we two demons grant it,
Whether humans or witches, the miracle would become a prisoner

Love and affection rules all,
And will even continue to watch over your ungranted dream

The wonderous world
Will play the song of
A starting clinched yet precious love

It will be cut apart
Let's cut it! The thread of reluctance
We had always believed that
You will definitely change into yourself!

If you are able to
Find comfort inside the cage,
Those two groups will disappear
To the end of love and miracles

Fall in love, a firm decision
Saying "I will come to protect you"
Frequently making that oath, at the end
Will you crash and drop out?

If it's true love, it'll be alright
You, who will gain the qualification!

You will love each other,
And the future will wait for you!
Your prepared resolve will not shake
...Let your convicted body become a bull!

Seriously, you can't! Not like that!
Your life will burn
Now! Bit by bit

Ascertain my eyes
That radiant day will surely be reflected, ah...!

Everyone will call out for love
Both you and I saw the same dream
Those who were unable to fulfill it
That which you return to is surely an illusion

Such a loser will understand
If true love exists!

The broken butterfly is awaken
Angels and demons question frail hearts
Through comedies and tragedies
The meaning for the existence of the vow pledged... exists? Or not?

Catch a glimpse of the broken stage
In the end, hidden deep within our hearts
Our world will play the song of
The starting love between the two who became one!

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